About Deaf Short Film Festival

The Deaf Short Film Festival takes place every two years and is coordinated by New Zealand Deaf Film Inc. The original plan had been to combine NZDSFF with the New Zealand Deaf Games. Unfortunately the New Zealand Deaf Games have now been cancelled. The NZDSFF Organising Committee is now looking into alternative arrangements for NZDSFF 2020, and will look to have this during NZSL Week in May 2020. We will release more information as it becomes available.

Information about the 2020 Festival can be found here: and you’ll see update on our Facebook page too.

The organising committee for NZDSFF 2020 is made up of the Committee for New Zealand Deaf Film Inc. These are: Jake LaBerge, Joanne Becker, Steph Alford, Shannon Morris and Craig Becker.

If you are keen to jump onboard as a Committee Member for New Zealand Deaf Film Inc, or would be keen to help organise the next Deaf Short Film Festival after 2020, come along to our AGM! We will announce the date of our AGM soon. To be a board member, you will need to be a current member of NZDF Inc – membership is free. Join up here.

We will also be looking for volunteers for the Festival – check out the Festival page for more information.